Media, Conferences & Publications


Quoted as an expert in the field of drones and robotics by media outlets including Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, Popular Science, The Globe and Mail, CNET, CBC The National, CBC Radio, CTV, CP24 and NPR.  Select clips:

“Google Testing Drones in US Airspace by Piggybacking on NASA Exemption”, The Guardian:

“Drone Industry Reacts Favorably Towards New Regulations, But More Work Still Needs to be Done”, Forbes:

“Amazon Tests Drones at Secret Site”, The Guardian:

“In Canada, Unabashed Wooing of Commercial Drones”, The New York Times:

“Amazon Testing Delivery Drones in BC”, The Globe and Mail:

“Why Canada is Winning the Drone Race”, Popular Science:


NASA UTM The Next Era of Aviation – Panel: “Policy Related Considerations: Privacy, Safety & Security” (July, 2015)

Vancouver Enterprise Forum – Panel: “A Look at Drone Technologies” (May 2015)

Unmanned Systems Canada Conference – Presentation: “Managing Liability Risks in Commercial UAV Operations” (Nov., 2014)

IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Robotics & its Social Impacts – Presentation: “An Exploration of Innovation in Open Licensing for Robotics” (Sept., 2014)

Columbia University, Tow Center Sensor Journalism Workshop – Paper and presentation: “Law and Ethics of Open Sensor Technologies” (Mar., 2014)

NYU Law School, Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference – Chair, “Drones, Law and the Future of Public Space” (Oct., 2013)

Stanford Law School, We Robot Conference – Paper and presentation: “A Licensing Approach to Regulation of Open Robotics” (Apr., 2014)


A Licensing Approach to Regulation of Open Robotics, in Robot Law, M. Ryan Calo, Ian Kerr and Michael Froomkin, eds., (Edward Edgar, forthcoming 2015)

The Traps of Open Source for Sensor Journalism, in Sensors and Journalism, Fergus Pitt, ed., (Tow Center/Knight Foundation Report, Columbia Journalism School, May 2014)

Robots, Micro-Airspaces and the Future of “Public Space”, co-authored with Peter Asaro, University of Miami Law Conference submission (Apr. 2014)

Effects of Open Source on Cloud Computing, Linux Journal, Iss. 229 (May, 2013): 

Open Source Risk Management Tools, The Corporate Counselor, Vol 27, Num 10, Law Journal Newsletters (Feb., 2013):

Open Source Legal Concerns: Purchasing Proprietary Software may not Protect an Organization from Open Source Surprises, The Lawyer’s PC, Vol 29, Num 23, Thomson Reuters/West (Sep., 2012)

Buying Proprietary Software? Protect Your Organization from Open Source Surprises, iP Frontline: IP& Technology Magazine (Jul., 2012):

Putting a Price on Software, Private Equity Manager (Jan., 2012):






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